Do you want to give your website visitors the chance to chat with you? Implement the Live Chat of MagicJack on your website!

With MagicJack 's Live Chat you can help potential customers the moment they need it. This is extra service for the customer and a means for your company to promote involvement and gather knowledge that the customer, for example, is stuck on. Get in touch with visitors who are currently visiting your website and help them live!

How do MagicJack works?

The MagicJack works as a web chat app on your website. The customer can click on the chat icon and immediately contact an employee of your company. This is much easier for the customer than having to search for contact information and then also have to write an e-mail!

Improve the customer experience by offering help when the customer needs it. A pop-up appears on the screen that the customer can click to open the chat. When the customer has started a conversation, it is possible to switch to other pages and the conversation remains open. Live support while they are on your website. Easily improve the customer experience!

  • Your website visitor can be directed to the correct answer.
  • Are not you here? Let your website visitor know that you are away.
  • Automate your FAQ and respond instantaneously and consistently to questions.
  • Manage all your customer calls, data, and contacts in one place.
  • Give your website visitor a warm welcome with the welcome message.
  • Get insight in your chatbot conversations and statistics with Watermelon.