Can we use Magic Jack without internet?

Magic Jack has an annual fee of $29.99. Each of device has an minimum initial cost. The ooma telo price $199.99 and The magic Jack Plus' retail costs $49.95, It's includes the first 6 months of service free.

Can we use Magic Jack without internet?

Earliest MagicJack required computer us to be on & connected to internet at all time's in order to make or receive calls, but the new-version, the Magic Jack Plus can connected directly to router Or modem & can be used without a computer, as long as have broadband internet connection service.

How much does it cost to port a number to magicJack?

Magic Jack Plus technical support online, for any online help related to MagicJack tech support contact ar chat with us!

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Can I keep my same phone number if I am switching to Magic Jack? complete info about Magic Jack plz chat with our experts.

How does the MagicJack work ?

MagicJack Tech chat service free.

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How much does it cost to port a number to magicJack?

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