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A live chat on your website helps to generate leads through low-threshold contact. In addition, your conversion increases and incoming telephone traffic will decrease.

Live Chat Outsourcing

With live chat, we offer your website visitors the opportunity to ask questions or make comments while surfing in a low-threshold way. Due to the barrier that the inclusion of contact is often reduced, we create more contact with interested visitors. This results in more conversion, more leads and a reduction of incoming mail and telephone traffic. In addition, adequate information provision leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Who we are?

MagicJack Pro is a leading live chat contact center with live chat operators working for a variety of clients, from retailers to ICT companies to educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, and car dealers.

We are online from 9 in the morning until 11 in the evening, seven days a week. On sites with at least 50,000 visitors per month, we can be online 24x7 if desired. If you want dedicated chat operators, please contact us for a tailor-made offer. The volume discounts rise to 80%.

Our service level agreement consists of the following. We guarantee a response time of 15-20 seconds on an incoming chat request. Furthermore, we also guarantee that our service will be available almost every time.

What MagicJack promises?

We run a transparent business. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is in your interest to keep us informed of focused advertising and large marketing campaigns so that we can adjust the figure of chat operators to the expected traffic on the web. We can only offer the guaranteed response time and uptime to our customers who inform us at least a week in advance of major marketing campaigns.

Other distinguished services

In addition to managed live chat, we also offer other live chat services, such as implementation and training.

Start a personal live chat based on the way a customer or prospect is in contact with your site. Thanks to multilingual support, you can also offer the same great chat support anywhere in the world.

Connected employees, higher productivity

If you link every live chat to the full customer profile, answers can be given that fit the context and that take into account the overall customer experience. Chats can quickly be referred to the right experts. Employees can respond faster thanks to a look at the chat with the customer and keyboard combinations of previously written messages.

Develop a smarter team.

With MagicJack, you can coach employees in real time on the basis of private messages. You can also monitor the queues of each employee to share the workload and maximize productivity. You can also view the performance figures of an employee's entire history and chat sessions. Your team works faster and smarter.

Our sole aim is to help both consumers and companies through personal contact with the website visitors. With this philosophy, we have grown rapidly in more than two years and we now have a nice office in the heart of New York. We also operate from our branch office located in the center of the city of Florida.

What we offer

MagicJack Live chat is the best way to convert website visitors into potential customers. This is the real medium that helps to generate the fruitful leads by providing visitors with the desired information effectively and quickly.

Generating leads with live chat is a big weapon because visitors are helped quickly and easily with questions. Because the visitor is helped friendly, the chat operator creates a form of reciprocity. As a result, visitors are more willing to leave contact details than with a contact form. It reduces the incoming telephone and mail traffic by catching first and second line questions with live chat.

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